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My Day Job

The global industrial complex that feeds and fuels us is an amazing yet problematic beast. I am not an activist, nor a corporate apologist. Yet I have an urgent sense that we’re going to need to change a lot of how we do what we do, soon. I strive to articulate—and even create the conditions for—that change.

“That’s nice, Lorraine. But what do you actually do?” My so-called day job is not the easiest one to explain, but in essence since 2004 I have been working in various ways within the field of corporate sustainability. 
Specifically, I collaborate—sometimes with a team contracted by a company, sometimes as a  consultant working independently and directly with the company. I serve as a facilitator, advisor, analyst, researcher, report writer and more, with corporations who are in some way seeking to make the shift to a regenerative economy. 
I also write and publish insights through several different platforms. And from time to time I am an invited speaker, sharing what I have learned on sustainability, transparency, and business model innovation, across different industries and value chains, from over a dozen years working away at a new way of doing business.
I help large corporations shift their business models to contribute to a regenerative, inclusive and resilient economy.
Clear as mud? For more details click around a bit more on the links in the preceding paragraph. Or get in touch and I’ll gladly answer any questions. Although I might have more questions for you in response. 
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