A Different Kind of “Consulting”

We’re going to need to change a lot of how we do what we do, soon. My current work – including Matereality and public speaking – offers guidance on the way forward. It’s not your typical consulting.

Following are some of the ways I do what I do.

  • Corporate Sustainability ESG reporting and engagement. I have deep expertise applying the methodologies companies use to communicate about sustainability and ESG with investors and other stakeholders. I no longer work in these projects the way I once did, but I know the terrain well and can help find the way out of endless incrementalism and PR.


  • Reframing possible. We need organizations – whole economies really – to radically shift in the near term. What about on an individual level? Being an average non-athlete, and then running 5 back-to-back ultramarathons in 5 days at age 50, I embody a renewed sense of “possible” and can guide others so that what might have seemed completely bonkers becomes not only doable, but straight-forward. 


  • Language dexterity. I am fluent in English, Portuguese and French, and have facilitated workshops and coaching sessions in these languages. I enjoy building bridges across languages and cultures. Having often been out of my own linguistic comfort zone, I can appreciate and support people who are working in a language other than their own. 


  • Making cloth. I have been making cloth for over four decades, studying techniques including spinning, knitting, weaving, dyeing and embroidery, with every spinnable fibre imaginable – plant, animal and synthetic. Spinning thread and making cloth is a way to understand history, interconnectedness, culture, colour, comfort, dreams, design, persistence and patience. I apply these skills literally and metaphorically to the work at hand.


  • Writing. I am a writer and story-teller. It’s how I absorb and pass on information. This includes essays, short stories, white papers, poems, facilitated dialogue, coaching and spoken presentations. 


  • Changing course. I have lived on 4 continents and worked in a lot of different circumstances (a global NGO, my own artisanal business, a high-end design studio, a massive financial corporation, a boutique consultancy, and as a freelancer, to name a few). I recognize the guardrails we’re offered as contributors to the current mainstream economic model, and I have a lot of experience stepping over them and into more fulfilling, interesting and reality-based lanes.

I offer guidance and permission to create a regenerative economy.