Let us imagine 

I have seen many angles of business, having worked at an environmental NGO, a manufacturing company, and a large financial institution; having run my own business; and having lived in many parts of the world in a range of languages, cultures and economic circumstances. I believe our biggest challenges are absolutely possible to imagine ourselves out of.


I am not an activist, nor a corporate apologist. Rather, I have an urgent sense that we’re going to need to change a lot of how we do what we do, soon. My current work – including my creative writing, my other writing and my consulting collaborations and my public speaking – offer guidance to imagine the way forward.

For more details, click around a bit more on the links above, or get in touch and I’ll gladly answer any questions. Although I might have more questions for you in response. 

I offer guidance to imagine the way forward to a regenerativeinclusive and resilient economy.