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Speaking Engagements

I am equal parts humbled and delighted when companies or event organizers ask me to share my ideas and insights with their audiences.  

Whether presenting to an academic or corporate audience, I always aim to:

  • encourage listeners to embrace a better, more sustainable future by challenging their imaginations and mindsets;

  • enable systems thinking by sharing a balance of theoretical and practical ideas of relevance to the audience;

  • embrace the complexity we face—the paradoxes, interconnections and opportunities.

I enjoy presenting on topics such as business model innovation, corporate transparency, systems thinking, and life cycle thinking. I draw on over fifteen years of experience and anecdotes working directly with companies, engaging stakeholders in several countries in different cultures (and sometimes in French or Portuguese just to keep me on my toes).

If you’d like to find out more about how I can contribute to your event’s agenda, please get in touch

This is a clip from a Fashion Takes Action event in Toronto (2009) with brand managers and retailers. A lot has happened since then (e.g. the Sustainable Apparel Coalition didn’t even exist!) but it gives a sense of my approach with a marketing audience. 

This is a little snippet from a backstage interview at a 2012 event hosted by CBSR which is for a more senior corporate audience with greater exposure to the issues. 

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