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Speaking With Your Audience

Several examples of speaking engagements are found on this page; a more comprehensive list is found here.


I am equal parts humbled and delighted when companies, event organizers, and podcasters ask me to share with their audiences.


I always aim to:

  • challenge imaginations and mindsets;

  • balance both theoretical and practical ideas;

  • embrace complexity – the paradoxes, interconnections, and opportunities.

I hold my vision of industrial healing close as I draw on decades of experience working directly with companies in several countries in different cultures (sometimes presenting in French or Portuguese just to keep me on my toes!).

If you’d like to find out more about how I can contribute to your event or podcast, reach out here

Recent Events

Below are examples of recent presentations. For a more complete listing click here

TBLI interview on “Restorative Investing” with host Robert Rubenstein in December, 2020.

Keynote speaker at circular economy event hosted by Confederação Nacional da Indústria in São Paulo, 2019 (video is in Portuguese; English transcript here).

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