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A Market We Need

Updated June 2018

- At this link the session on open source technologies during which I presented is available.

- At this link, the full event has been captured with high quality video, so you can attend the event after the fact.

Original March 2018 post follows.

A conversation about reversing global warming, including people who are actively building new markets, drawing carbon out of the air, practicing regenerative agriculture AND using blockchain technology? Count me in.

I am looking forward to meeting with the invitees of Nori's Reversapalooza event in Seattle on April 26/27, 2018. I will be presenting on a panel, on behalf of John Elkington and the team at Volans, exploring open source technologies including our carbon productivity work to date.

I am excited about this emerging new market designed to reward those who are contributing to a reversal pathway. The idea of making it not just desirable but also commercially relevant is an idea whose time has come.

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