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A few of my favorite (free) things

Inspired by the season’s gift-giving spirit, I offer you some of my favorite things, free for the taking. Who knows but maybe if you take and use them (or pass them on …), we might just see a little more peace, love and joy in the years ahead.

Handy Shortcut: This past year the good people at Volans, in collaboration with the

UN Global Compact, created a free, downloadable “Breakthrough Pitch Deck”. By all accounts it is an awesome, customizable resource full of examples and data that explain why now is the time to stretch ambitions on sustainability. If your organization needs a jolt of inspiration and information to take things to the next level and you are lucky enough to present the case, you will find much of what you need here.

Useful Tool: Speaking of taking things to the next level, how would you know it when you got there? Companies need a meaningful, rigorous benchmark of the future we want, to fast-forward to a regenerative, climate-smart and socially equitable economy. And now they have one with the arrival of the free, open-source Future-Fit Business Benchmark’s Release 2. Having this benchmark in hand won’t make the work any easier, but at least those marking the trail can now set their compasses with greater accuracy.

Foresight: You may remember the scene in The Graduate when Mr. McGuire whispers in Benjamin’s ear, “Plastics”. While we are busy cleaning up the mess from that correct prediction (with the help of many leading plastics industry players, I should note) I’d like to lean into the collective ear to whisper: “Soil.” Exactly how do I mean? To paraphrase Mr. McGuire: Our future health rests in the soil. Think about it. Will you think about it?

Time: I’m keeping this short, because who’s got extra time these days?

Peace, love and joy.

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