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Matereality Overview & Assessments

In a nutshell, Matereality is about...

... perspective on a company’s potential contribution to thriving human society within a healthy global biosphere; 

... an alternative approach to materiality, the current way in which ESG issues are assessed and organized within the globally recognized reporting frameworks such as SASB, GRI, etc. 

... a reality-based look at what a company actually does, and how this affects the world. 

See below for more details on the concept, and prototyped assessments or check out the Matereality FAQ page

Danone Assessment

The third assessment, examining Danone, was developed “in the public square” during a 7-day Matereality Marathon, November 2022. 

Blue Dots
Mining CoPrototype assessment

Maybe I'll do a fourth?

Blue Dots
Other Co
Prototype assessment

...and a fifth?

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