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Advisory and Coaching Services

I serve as a guide to senior business leaders, as well as to individuals and small groups.


These are people who are ready to lean into transformation, sensing the need and opportunity to change industry to be a truly healing force, and who are seeking guidance and experienced perspective.

I provide these services in English, Portuguese, and French.

If I can support you, I’d love to hear from you — contact me here.

Corporate Advisory 

I offer specific, data-driven input to senior corporate leaders and board members.


I illustrate gaps and bridges between the company’s stated purpose, its business model, and what is needed for a flourishing future. 

I guide decision-makers towards the resources and required steps to transform industry to serve the well-being of society, and to restore biodiversity and ecosystem health.

I design conversations and dialogue, and I present documented analysis and proof-points to inform the path forward. 

These corporate engagements are executive-sponsored and grounded in trusted, long-term relationships that entail openness, experimentation, and time. 

Reach out to learn more.

Individual/Group Coaching

I offer supportive, informative, and experience-driven coaching for people at all levels within organizations who are seeking to create transformational change from within (i.e. within themselves and their organizations). 

I guide people to see the need and opportunity, with love (not fear), to lean into their role along the trail, and to practice new techniques required to move forward.


These coaching sessions are 1-on-1 or with groups of up to three people, with a minimum of three scheduled conversations.

Reach out to learn more.

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