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Short Story Writer Comes Home Again

My university roommates back in 1992 knew me as a short story writer, as I was a regular contributor of fiction and personal essays to Mount Allison University’s weekly paper, The Argosy. 


I have continued to write quite a bit over the years.  But friends and family have subtly implied they are tired of shouldering the burden of my lengthy correspondence on their own.


Or at least that’s why I figure they have encouraged me to distribute my writing a little further.

So while I continue to enjoy my corporate advisory work and public speaking, I also share articles on my blog and (as of 2022) even more on my Medium page. And I publish an occasional newsletter that goes out to all who have signed up.


I continue to write short stories and creative nonfiction. Maybe one day that cake will turn into a book?

Stay tuned … 


Lorraine Smith 21st birthday cake.jpg

My roommates baked me this cake for my 21st birthday. I’m still working on the assignment. 

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