My first role in the corporate responsibility field—from 2004-2008—was at Canadian Business for Social Responsibility, where I held a range of management roles before moving to New York. I currently sit on the organization’s Board and marvel at CEO Steven Fish’s ability to shape a relevant agenda for the very dynamic needs of the Canadian business community.
I lead client projects for BuzzWord, a leading strategy consultancy specializing in transparency and reporting. I first collaborated with Buzzword in 2011 and I continue to enjoy contributing to projects steered by company President and pioneering business woman, Leah Haygood.
I work with John Elkington's team at Volans, which serves as a market catalyst creating the conditions for business to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the 2020’s.
Recent work includes co-authoring (along with John Elkington and Jacqueline Lim) 
Breakthrough Business Model report.
I am a Release Council Member for the pioneering open source extra-financial performance management platform, the Future-Fit Business Benchmark and have been a thought partner in the benchmark’s development since it was a twinkle in co-founder Geoff Kendall’s eye.
I am an Associate at SustainAbility, a boutique advisory firm working with some of the world’s largest companies on engagements to create the future we want. I held a senior position at the firm from 2012-2016 before shifting back to an independent role once more. For more about my work with SustainAbility, browse recent posts and publications
I also conduct my own independent consulting work, although these always amount to collaborative efforts too. For example, in August 2016 I facilitated a 3-day meeting with forestry stakeholders from 14 countries, in São Paulo, Brazil, leveraging my Portuguese language skills and forest industry knowledge. While I was there, I snapped this picture of one of the oldest living remnants of the Atlantic Forest.


A lot of my work is “behind the scenes,” and I often lend a pair of hands on larger projects. I play a few roles: facilitator, advisor, sparring partner, writer, researcher, or a mix of all of the above. On this page are some examples of my recent collaborations. I’d be happy to share more specifics in a conversation. Click here to get in touch.

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