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I play a few roles: writer, advisor, provocateur, speaker, facilitator or a mix of all of the above. On this page are some examples of recent collaborations. I’d be happy to share more specifics in a conversation. Click here to get in touch.

From 2016-2020 I worked with John Elkington's team at Volans, which serves as a market catalyst creating the conditions for business to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the 2020’s.
Our work included co-authoring (along with John Elkington and Jacqueline Lim) 
Breakthrough Business Model report.
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I conduct my own independent advisory work, inviting people to see their roles in a regenerative economy. This can be in the form of advising on a company’s role in the future we want, or public speaking. Sometimes it means using art and other forms of “non-corporate” communications to share and say what needs to be shared and said. Lately it means Matereality
During 2018 I was a member of Fibria's Sustainability Advisory Committee, a group of diverse Brazilian and international stakeholders who report to the Chairman of the Board. The committee met four times in 2018 to advise the senior executives on matters of material importance to the company, as well as to share diverse ideas.
My first role in the corporate responsibility field — from 2004-2008 — was at Canadian Business for Social Responsibility, where I held a range of management roles. From 2010-2019 I was a Board member
I advise clients for BuzzWord, a leading ESG strategy consultancy specializing in transparency and reporting. I first collaborated with Buzzword in 2011 and I continue to advise on projects in Financial Services, Technology, Media, the built environment and more.
I am an Expert Council Member for the open source performance management platform, the Future-Fit Business Benchmark, and have been a cheerleader of — and thought partner in — the benchmark’s development.
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