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Where the trees…

Ten human stories made possible by trees  


This is my forthcoming writing project. It is a book that offers a radically different perspective on the role of trees in our lives.


At times grim, yet also insightful, funny and joyful, the stories awaken a new level of consciousness and a different kind of hope. 

These ten adventure-filled personal essays rove through varied geographies in Brazil, Canada, Ethiopia, the UK and the US, and through the emotional landscapes of our past, present and future. I take readers on a journey they have been seeking in and among the frightening headlines and polarizing debates.


Each story provides uniquely informed perspective on how we come to be where we are today, not by trading in absolutes and -isms but by interpreting the signs posted by the trees of today’s and yesterday’s forests.

For draft audio excerpts from several chapters, including Paddling Over, Ants go marching, and Variation on the ceremony of innocence, explore the book links on this site.

B. Lorraine Smith hangs around with a blossoming cherry tree in New York's Central Park
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