Welcome! This website offers information about what I do for a living.*

In a nutshell, I imagine a future where businesses serve a thriving society in a healthy biosphere. In other words, I invest my time in the shift to a regenerative economy.

To achieve this, I do two things. 


First, I share ideas. For example, my blog introduces different people, places and possibilities connected to the future we want. I write reports and articles about new mindsets and business models. And I speak at events to exchange ideas and challenge thinking – my own as well as those in the audience. 


Second, I provide advisory services. I consult, facilitate, conduct research, and create written content in collaboration with diverse teams from around the world and across industries. I work with people focused on sustainability, corporate citizenship and strategic innovation. My clients are committed to ambitious and real impact, sensing the need for a new way to create value in the economy of the future.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll keep in touch!

* If we had more time here, I’d go deeper into the idea that “do” and “living” probably need a refresh in the English language but for now I’ll work with this linguistic approximation.

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